Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rushed Day

I had a rushed day and now Im ready for bed so I will make this a short update....

Finally got my computer back and Im not on the laptop anymore. It had a virus and crashed but thankfully everything was saved and I just have to save it all to DVD. Went to Walmart and got groceries and then rushed back home for lunch. Kay had hockey conditioning so we had to go back out and while I was out I got a call back from the Diabetes Center. Seems the ball was dropped and they "forgot" about us so....we have an appt tomorrow with the Dietitian...YAY!! Guess I have to be pro-active and stay on top of things to make sure Kaceys getting the care she deserves! We're going to be getting the "Back to School Plan" so we can make sure Kacey is getting the care she needs at school.

OK thats about it for now...Im tired and Im calling it a night!

Till tomorrow...

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